Male nude with tulips

I made the drawing during lockdown in May 2020 but could only realize it as silkscreen print almost a year later in 2021. There are eight colors on the prints.. which made it a bit complicated and time consuming to print as each color needs a silkscreen and each silkscreen needs time to expose to the light and to print and to let dry before the next silkscreen prints over the previous color/ layer.

Tulip represents hope and good wishes, and I do hope that this print will cheer up your mood during this difficult time.

Eight color hand-pulled screen print on Lessebo 1.3 Rough Ivory 240 gsm paper, dimension of 70X50 cm.

There are two versions with different color of the background and the eyes, each version is available as limited edition of 25 prints + 3AP, signed and numbered.

Made in Zurich.

Male nude with tulips, yellow background

Male nude with tulips, blue background