These prints were displayed at Photo Schweiz 2020 in Zurich Oerlikon, 10-15 January 2020.

As things are difficult for Ukranians right now, elderly and children are running away from their home, pregrant women from maternity hospital(!), those who stay to protect their country have to throw the dead bodies -what used to be their friends and family- into the mass grave... I think everyone should do whatever they can to help.

I am going to have two images from this series printed as limited edition of only 3 prints and silkscreen the blue and yellow color on them, framed them, and exchange each of them for CHF 500 donation which will go to UNHCR.

About the work:
Rose is probably the most well known symbol of love. A single red rose because you are the one. Give someone you love a rose and see how their feeling blooms.
The color blue represents the sea and sky, depth and stability, trust and loyalty.
Ukraine uses the blue on their flag to symbolize freedom.

Gentiana has been used for centuries to treat depression among other sickness. The flower symbolizes justice and victory and sometimes called flower of victory because it blooms upwards. Yellow is the color of hope and positivity.
As for the flag of ukraine, the yellow represents a wonderful harvest, yellow wheat farm, wealth.

Blue over yellow, freedom over wealth.
However, right now, Ukrainians are still fighting for their freedom. Let’s stand with them.

Text or email me if you are interested to participate.